3D Extension


  • Finishing strategies: Parallel Plane, Contour, Helical, Constant Crete, Spiral, Corner Re-machining, etc.
  • Specific strategies for optimizing 3d for short production runs, i.e. Blend Radii machining
  • For all your Mazak mills, Variaxis Integrex, etc.
  • For any other CNC machine also
  • 3d Machining using the rotary C axis specially adapted for the older Integrex machines with limited XY travel (640MT, 640MtPro, Matrix IV)
  • Specific 2.5D / 3D strategies to get the most out of your older machines-


  • Adaptive roughing optimized for CORE or CAVITY
  • Trochoid Milling
  • Automatic Re-Roughing
  • 3d Stock model to eliminate air cutting
  • You can also rough out in Mazatrol ®, for many good reasons
  • Speed up programming on complex prismatic (2D) parts too


  • Program a chamfer on a 3d contour with a chamfer cutter
  • Even if there is no chamfer on the CAD model
  • Can be used in 3, 4 or 5 axis mode
  • Great for quick deburring

The 3d programs are generated in Mazatrol®, or as a Mazatrol® master program with Iso/EIA sub programs. This allows you to continue to operate your machine in Mazatrol, for ease of use and security. You don’t need to re-train operators and setters to set up and run your Mazak in Iso/EIA mode.