Gain in time and in productivity
  • Work in the quiet of your office, it’s more productive and less error prone
  • Your machines down-time is considerably reduced
  • Send the program to the machine in one click
  • Optimize the organization of machine workload, eliminate the headache of program / machine incompatibility once and for all
  • Switch the urgent job to another machine easily
  • Start production on your new Mazak straight away, with programs that have already been validated!
What makes MazaCAM different from other softwares : ITS SPECIALIZING
  • The unique CAD-CAM solution for Mazatrol ®
  • All the Mazatrol ® 2, 3, 4 and 5 axes positioned’s post processors are included
  • Mazatrol ®’s expert for over 30 years (See section Story)
  • Technical know-how focused on Mazatrol ® programming
Briefly, MazaCAM ® helps you to :
  • Program offline from your office to reduce start-up time on your machine
  • Convert easily your Mazatrol ® programs from the oldest Mazak® to the newest, OR from the newest to the oldest
  • From CAD files (Step, Iges, Dxf etc.), get your Mazatrol program for whatever Mazak in your workshop
MAZATROL ®‘S EXPERT for over 30 years

The American company Solutionware has been developing CAD/CAM solutions since 1975. In the beginning, their software generated the CNC programs in G-code (Iso) only.

Solutionware’s customers wanted to combine the advantages of CAD/CAM with Mazatrol, and pushed Solutionware to develop Mazatrol post-processors.

The Solutionware team did just that, but they also went further and developed software to program in Mazatrol exactly like at the machine, and to convert Mazatrol programs between different generations of Mazak machines.

Thus MazaCAM was born: a complete management tool for shops that understand the advantage of Mazatrol.

For more than thirty years MazaCAM has been continuously improving, for your productivity.

We at SPRA listen to our customers, and with over 20 years’ cad cam experience, and 7 years successfully implementing MazaCAM for large and small customers, we know how to ensure you make a significant productivity gain with the MazaCAM software.

SPRA MazaCAMSolutionWare MazaCAM

Your company’s best practices and know-how in machining, is captured and put to good use on all your machines !

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