MazaCAM / Mazatrol ®

How long does the MazaCAM license last?

We have recently been held hostage by other software companies, telling us that we must now pay a subscription for software we already bought ! What licencing method does MazaCAM use ?

MazaCAM is a perpetual license, it belongs to you forever.

A maintenance contract IS recommended, but is not obligatory.

Customers with a maintenance contract have access to new versions of the software, and support.

We can't use our .MAZ files?

We replaced our VTC300 (Fusion 640M control) with a new Mazak Smooth machine. Our IT department made a copy of the old machine’s hard drive, but we can’t get these programs to work in the new Smooth machine. Why?

The standard method for saving programs from your Fusion 640 machine is to use:

Data I/O. Select USB ( or HARD DISK) Select NC–> USB ( or HARD DISK) / save

For programs in memory you can select by “page” and export 24 programs at a time so it’s doable.

However, for programs in the backup area, you must first transfer them to memory one by one before saving them using the proper Data I/O method , and this can take a long time.
MazaCAM can convert .MAZ files taken directly from the hard drive of the machine to Smooth format (or Matrix, SMART, etc.).

We can't read our Fusion 640 programs on the Matrix?

I thought that a Matrix machine should be able to read the programs from a Fusion640 machine without needing specialised conversion software like MazaCAM, but we can’ get it to work !

Normally, the Matrix can read Fusion640 programs if they are in the “.M6M” or floppy disk format.

If the Fusion640 programs were saved by rs232 cable (using CMT I / O), the programs are saved in a format specific to your DNC software. Your Matrix machine will not be able to read these files.

MazaCAM can convert these programs for you.

Is it possible to convert Camware files to Smooth?

Is it possible to convert programs saved with the Mazak Camware software for use on our new Mazak Smooth?

Yes, MazaCAM can read and convert Mazatrol programs saved in the Camware ( or Mazak Data Transfer) format. All you have to do is navigate to the folder where your Camware files are located, select the file to convert, and click on “CHANGE CNC”. Then you just have to select the destination machine from the proposed list (Smooth, Matrix, Smart etc. )

Contact us to help you configure your MazaCAM installation.

Is 3D machining possible on a lathe ?

I have a Mazak Nexus 250M lathe, we often have to finish turned parts on a CNC mill to do some 3D machining.
Can I program 3D machining for a 3-axis lathe (without a Y axis) with MazaCAM?

Yes, MazaCAM can program 3D machining on a 3 axis Mazak lathe.

We already have CAM software ..

We invested in CAD/CAM software some time ago. I admit it is not used much except to do some 3d machining. I’m not going to buy another CAM software!

Currently almost all customers who invest in MazaCAM already have CAM software.
Conventional CAM software generates programs in G-code. It is difficult to fix or fine-tune G-code programs on the machine.

With a Mazatrol program, setters can use all their know-how to solve common machining problems, vibration, deformation, etc., and optimize cycle times for batch machining.

Contact us to see for yourself how MazaCAM can improve your process.

But Mazatrol is for simple parts ... right?

I thought that Mazatrol is only for programing simple parts at the machine ?

Simple Mazatrol parts can be programmed directly on the machine.

With MazaCAM you can program simple or complex parts on a PC, and benefit from the advantages of Mazatrol on the machine.

Mazatrol is for productivity, it’s that simple!

What is the link between MazaCAM and Mazak?

Where does Mazacam come from? Is there a link with Mazak?

MazaCAM is developed by SolutionWare, in San Jose, USA.

There is no connection between MazaCAM and Mazak.

MazaCAM software is appreciated by users of Mazak machines because it saves a lot of programming time, does not tie up the machine when it should be making parts and profits, and above all the Mazatrol program can be modified or optimized on the machine for faster set up.

Mazak® and Mazatrol® are trademarks of Yamazaki Mazak Corporation. MazaCAM is not affiliated with, or endorsed by, Yamazaki Mazak Corporation.

Trochoidal with MazaCAM Level 1?

Is it possible to do trochoidal machining with MazaCAM Level 1?

You can program trochoidal for recent machines (Smooth) with MazaCAM level 1.

For older machines you must use MazaCAM Level 2 (CAD/CAM) to do trochoidal machining.
The program will be generated as a G-code subprogram.

Can Mazacam read .gbim files?

We replaced our old Mazak machine with a new one. There are hundreds of programs with the .gbim extension on the PC that was connected to the machine. Can you convert these files to Smooth ?

Yes, MazaCAM can read and convert Mazatrol programs saved in hundreds of different formats, including gbim.

Mazatrol Viewer for C-Work DNC ?

We have thousands of Mazatrol programs stored with our dnc software, C-Work. We would like to be able to view and backplot these files. Is it possible to buy just a cheap mazatrol viewer from you?


Our basic module lets you Visualize, Verify, Modify, Program and Convert between machines for all Mazak controls for a very reasonable price.

In addition, changes made with MazaCAM are automatically saved in the C-Work version history.

Contact us for a presentation and you will see that these features will be very useful to you, and quickly pay for themselves.

I can't load the program from my USB stick / thumb drive into the Mazak machine?

I don’t understand, usually we don’t have any problem loading programs from USB sticks, but today it’s just not working!

Check the following points:

Is the program in a directory on the USB key? (it does not work if the program is directly at the root of the usb key)

Does the directory have a short name without spaces? (if the directory name has spaces it doesn’t work)

Is there enough space in the machine? Large EIA programs cannot be put directly into the current directory.

How many programs are there in the machine? Even if there is enough space, there is a limit on the number of programs of 256. (In fact, we recommend that you do not exceed 230 programs to avoid problems)

Is the Mazatrol program the correct version for this machine? Check the extension (.PBF .PBM .PBD etc,) Maybe you need mazaCAM software to convert the program to the correct version

Is the machine key on “Unlocked”?

MazaCAM Presentation / Training

Can we organise a presentation of the MazaCAM software?

Of course ! A quick presentation over the internet will take less than half an hour. We usually use Teamviewer, which you probably already have on your PC.

Contact us to schedule a demonstration.

How do we get trained and how long will that take ?

We usually train customers over the Internet. Onsite training is also possible Training for MazaCAM level 1 typically takes just a day for experienced Mazatrol programmers. MazaCAM level 2 or 3 will take around 3 days.

Call us, when we understand your company better we can advise you.


What is Peps?

Peps is a CAM (Computer Aided Manufacturing) software developed by Camtek in Germany. It is used to control wire EDM machines, machining centers, lathes, laser cutting and water jet machines.

Is Peps compatible with the AgieCharmilles CUT P 550 machine?

Yes, PEPS has a proven post processor for the CUT P 350 / CUT P 550 / CUT P 800 / CUT P 1250 series. All technologies are also available in PEPS, in order to generate a complete and finished program.

Can we program EDM drilling machines with PEPS ?

Yes, Peps Wire software can generate programs for EDM drilling machines automatically.

Does Peps have the technological tables for a Makino U32 machine?

Yes, Peps has the technological tables for all Makino wire EDM machines.

Can CT-Expert be used with Peps?

I have several Charmilles Robofil machines and I currently prepare the technologies on my win XP PC with CT Expert. I am told that it is not possible to use CT-Expert on recent computers. Is this true ?

We have an integrated solution in Peps to continue using CT-Expert even wth Windows 10.