Offline Programming

Mazatrol sur PC
Advantages of MazaCAM 
  • Work in the quiet of your office, it’s more productive and less error prone
  • Your machines down-time is considerably reduced
  • Send the program to the machine in one click
  • Switch the urgent job to another machine easily
  • Start production on your new Mazak straight away, with programs that have already been validated !


  • Program offline in machine emulation mode, for ALL your Mazak’s
  • No training required, increased productivity from day 1, you already know Mazatrol!
  • Check and modify your existing programs
  • Centralize, standardize and exploit your best machining know-how
  • Solve the problems before going to the machine, while the machine is running
  • Train beginners on Mazatrol ®

Preparing your Mazatrol ® programs on a PC rather than on the machine has many different advantages:

  • The problems (missing dimensions, special tools or fixtures needed, etc.) become apparent and are dealt with upstream, while the machine is cutting parts
  • Your company’s best practices and know-how in machining, is captured and put to good use on all your machines
Integrex i 300 Smooth X dahmane



  • Convert your Mazatrol ® programs from the oldest Mazak® to the newest, OR from the newest to the oldest
  • Compatible with every generations of Mazak ® : Smart, Matrix, Fusion640, Integrex, M32, T Plus, SmoothX, SmoothC (Our only exception today is the rare T4 control, but if you really need that, we can look into it !)

Being able to convert your Mazatrol programs between generations helps to :

  • Get your program immediately for whatever Mazak in your workshop
  • Optimize the organization of machine workload, eliminate the headache of program / machine incompatibility once and for all

Program storage and communications

Backup your programs by whatever method :

  • RS232, Network, USB, Floppy disk, Flash Card, etc.
  • MazaCAM is also compatible with your existing software : Camware , Cimco, Multi-DNC, Seiki Systems, etc.

The ease and speed with which you can send your programs to the machine is an important factor in the efficiency of your workshop.

We can advise you on the different possibilities when we understand how you work today.

The MazaCAM communication tools bring different advantages :

  • Work directly with the Mazatrol programs stored by other systems
  • Visualize, Print and Modify the stored programs
  • Compare two versions of your Mazatrol program to validate modifications