Which way would you prefer to program ?

Program in Mazatrol on your PC

MazaCAM level 1

Program in Mazatrol, and grab the points from the 3D CAD file.

Machine setters who know mazatrol love this approach because they are productive straight away without training.

  • Compatible with all Mazak machines Works with STEP, DXF or IGES files
  • Hit the ground running.
  • Work in the quiet of your office, it’s more productive and safer
  • Machine downtime is considerably reduced
  • Send the program directly to the machine in one click

CAD/CAM that outputs a Mazatrol program

MazaCAM level 2

Program in CAD/CAM, but output a Mazatrol program, not Iso!

Here you have the advantages of full CAD / CAM software, with the flexibility of a Mazatrol program on the machine.

  • Compatible with all Mazak machines
  • With a Mazatrol program, everyone works together as a team.
  • Engraving, Deburring, Trochoidal, 3D Shapes
  • Variaxis, VTC800SR, Integrex


  • 2D milling for 3, 4, or 3+2 axis
  • Contour, Pocket, Slot, Face, Plunge-roughing, Drilling, Tapping, Boring etc.
  • Automatic corner rest-machining
  • Automatic drilling of 2d symbols
  • 3d Complex hole recognition and automated machining
  • Easy macro creation for faster programming.
  • Deep hole drilling with intersection slowdown.
  • Internal and external thread milling
  • Choose where you put your WPC SHIFT for improved readability



  • Roughing, Finishing, Grooves, Threading…
  • Wrapped Milling
  • Milling 3rd, 4th, or 5th axis
  • Twin-Spindle, Twin-Turret included
  • Stock removal simulation. Collisioncontrol




  • With MazaCAM CAD/CAM, you can easily create engraving programs
    for simple reference numbers, or special fonts and logos
  • Get more out of your 3 axis lathe–MazaCAM will let you program
    wrapped engraving in a few seconds.
  • You can paste the text to be engraved directly into MazaCAM







  • Finishing strategies : Parallel Plane, Contour, Helical, Constant Crete, Spiral, Corner Re-machining, etc.
  • Specific strategies for optimizing 3d for short production runs, i.e. Blend Radii machining
  • For all your Mazak mills, Variaxis Integrex, etc
  • For any other CNC machine also
  • 3d Machining using the rotary C axis specially adapted for the older Integrex machines with limited XY travel (640MT, 640MtPro, Matrix IV)
  • Specific 2.5D / 3D strategies to get the most out of your older machines

  • Adaptive roughing optimized for CORE or CAVITY
  • Trochoidal Milling
  • Automatic Re-Roughing
  • 3d Stock model to eliminate air cutting
  • Speed up programming on complex prismatic (2D) parts too








  • Program a chamfer on a 3d contour with a chamfer cutter
  • Even if there is no chamfer on the CAD model
  • Can be used in 3, 4 or 5 axis mode
  • Great for quick deburring

Post Processors

Post Processors
  • All the Mazatrol 2, 3, 4 and 5 axis positioned post-processors are included in the package : T2, M2, T32, M32, TPlus, MPlus, 640M 640T, 640MT, 640MTPro, MPro, Matrix Mill, Matrix Lathe Matrix IV, Matrix e/i/j, Smart Lathe, Smart Mill, Smooth X Variaxis, Smooth X Integrex, Smooth C, Smooth G, etc
  • For Iso, Fanuc, Heidenhain, Siemens etc. post processors contact us
  • 5 Axis continuous post processors are also available for an extra cost contact us